Sam Xu 徐翔

PhD Student
Computer Science
Simon Fraser University
E-mail: xuxiangx [at] sfu [dot] ca
[Google Scholar] [GitHub]

Aboute Me

I am a first year PhD student at Simon Fraser University, advised by Prof. Yasutaka Furukawa . Previously, I obtained my B.S. in ECE from Carnegie Mellon University under the supervision of Prof. Kris Kitani. I also receieved my M.Sc. in Computing Science from SFU in 2021.

My current research focus is on understanding 3D structure and semantics. I am mostly working on 3D generation and reconstruction.

Selected Projects

Structured Outdoor Architecture Reconstruction by Exploration and Classification
Fuyang Zhang, Xiang Xu, Nelson Nauata, Yasutaka Furukawa
ICCV (Poster), 2021
[project website]
D3D-HOI: Dynamic 3D Human-Object Interactions from Videos
Xiang Xu, Hanbyul Joo, Greg Mori, Manolis Savva
arXiv 2021
[project website]
MCMI: Multi-Cycle Image Translation with Mutual Information Constraints
Xiang Xu, Megha Nawhal, Greg Mori, Manolis Savva
arXiv 2020
[project website]
Error Correction Maximization for Deep Image Hashing
Xiang Xu, Xiaofang Wang, Kris M. Kitani
BMVC (Poster), 2018


  • July 2020 - Dec 2020: Facebook AI Research, advised by Hanbyul (Han) Joo
  • Jan 2019 - Mar 2019: Baidu Institute of Deep Learning